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Waste Management: Our solutions range from WASTE MANAGEMENT

    • Waste Treatment-Technology to deal with 5TPD to 3000 TPD everyday
    • Waste Collection & Segregation- Facilitating Recycling
    • Awareness at Source- Visible Impact through technical intervention and Campaigns
    • Medical Waste


Access to Clean Drinking water: Our solution- The Water ATM

    • Unlike other solutions based on RO which has less than 60% recovery, ours deliver over 90% water recovery with the same level of purity.


Address Civic Amenities issues

    • Sanitation
    • Access to drinking water
    • Environment Skill Building (Computer literacy)
    • Generate employment


Translate Civic amenity challenges into Entrepreneurship opportunity

    • Channelize funds/resources through SHG's and NGO's to create Self sustainable solutions for waste and access to water

About Us

Klean Waste 2 Energy Private Limited

Klean W2E started by bringing together people from different walks of life to pursue a common dream – to make the world a better place to live.

The rising consumerism and pace of our lives is generating unprecedented amounts of waste. The existing systems of waste management and disposal seem ineffective and inefficient. Klean W2E’s work starts with waste in any form or from any source, where we process it using the most advanced and scalable technology to generate clean energy and prevent soil and ground water pollution typically linked with landfill sites. Our mission is to take care of ALL waste where it is generated –without having to segregate it. And our solutions can take care of waste from individual housing societies to large establishments and townships. We see our solutions being able to claim land from existing landfills as well.

Energy needs of a fast developing economy and faster changing society can not all be met by our own or imported fossil fuels. We need to move towards energy self reliance in the future. And harnessing green energy from wind, water and solar resources, available in abundance in the sub-continent, forms part of our vision towards this self reliance. We aim to achieve this without large infrastructure projects or impacting the environment or ecology of the project catchment area.

Lack of access to potable drinking water is an established fact for India. It is estimated that one in three villages don’t have access to clean drinking water, while the urban population probably gets less than 2-3 hours of water supply during 24 hours of a day. Most clean water solutions available in India are based on the reverse-osmosis process where the water recovery is roughly 50-60% and balance that is released has a significantly high concentration of TDS which adversely impacts groundwater in the long term. Klean W2E’s solutions guarantee 90%+ water recovery while producing the same high quality water as any RO based plant.


The 3 large issues our country faces today:

  • 1,40,000 MT of waste gets into landfills every day in India (per capita waste generation increasing 1.3% annually) 
  • Renewable wind and water energy plants demand mega structures and huge land parcels but are not possible to set up and operate at smaller, more localised levels. 
  • 77 MM people don't have access to drinking water (21% of Non-Communicable diseases are because of unhygienic water)



  • Waste Management: We set up waste-to-energy plants that are size agnostic (anywhere between 2-2000 MT/day), treat waste at source and use technology that can deliver output as compost, electricity, animal fodder or high CFV smokeless pellettes - all with the same plant.
  • Green Energy: Our technology is based on Screw Turbines that harness extremely low velocity, water or wind flows to generate electricity. Our "power plants" do not need any large civil constructions and are in harmony with the ecological environment, without compromising on efficiency. 
  • Clean Drinking Water: Providing access to clean drinking water through water ATMs using media that effectively removes arsenic and fluorides with a water recovery of over 90%, as against 60% or less in conventional RO systems.


Ashu believes that best practices in the three areas of waste management, clean drinking water and green energy, have the power to transform lives and create a clean environment.

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Ashutosh Singh

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Ashutosh, or Ashu as he is popularly known, has a rich experience of over 25 years, working across Indian and International businesses.

After spending a significant part of his career with the beverage giant, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Private Limited (HCCB), he understands the importance of resolving issues at every step of the supply chain. He wants to implement the best practices to provide wholesome solution in the field of waste management, clean drinking water and green energy.

He comes with a rich experience of operations and general management, and has a proven track record of turning around business units into a profitable proposition. A Chartered Accountant (CA) by education and a diploma holder from the country’s top business school, Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad, Ashu's strength lies in setting the right vision for the business and setting up processes and structures to deliver on the vision, profitably. 

Ashu can be reached at:ashutosh@kleanwaste2energy.com

Ashutosh Singh

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Sharan, a passionate Yoga practitioner,  sincerely believes that  like in Yoga, the (waste)ful energy needs to be channelised in the right direction to make the surroundings fit for living. Sharan’s goal is to make the  environment cleaner and greener

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Sharan Khanna

Director, Corporate Relations

One of the founding pillars of Klean W2E Pvt. Ltd., Sharan brings with her the experience of working close to 10 years in the third largest FMCG firm in the country.

While Sharan has diverse work experience across sales, marketing, strategy, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and public affairs, her stint as the national head for CSR in Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages (HCCB) inspired her to do something tangible in the field of waste management to help mother earth breathe freely. 

She argues cleaning a city, town, village or a small residential colony doesn’t mean just sweeping the litter into a dustbin or a garbage bin. She wants to provide the last mile solution to process the waste/garbage.

An alumnus of the prestigious Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Lucknow and Hindu College, Delhi University, Sharan as the national category manager at HCCB, handled key accounts and was involved in building critical brands such as Kinley and even the brand, Coca-Cola.

Earlier Sharan had conceptualised and executed the ‘Model Village Project’, which went on to become a flagship project for brand Coke in India. The initiative focused on solving the key issues faced by the rural sector. Now she wants to do the same on a much larger platform, under Klean W2E.

Sharan can be reached at: sharan@kleanwaste2energy.com

Sharan Khanna

Director, Corporate Relations

Madhur, a Chartered Accountant, believes our way of managing waste is  killing two birds with one stone, i.e., clean the garbage and generate energy.

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Madhur Gupta

Member of Advisory Board

Madhur Gupta is a practising Chartered Accountant, with  more than 25 years of experience. A commerce graduate from Delhi University, Madhur’s core competency lies in banking, audit and finance.

He has been the statutory auditor for public sector banks and financial institutions such as Canara Bank, Corporation Bank, IDBI, Oriental Bank of Commerce and Bank of Baroda. He has been the FEMA Auditor for Axis Bank .

Madhur has also audited blue-chip (Navratna) public sector undertaking, such as Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) Power Finance Corporation (PFC), MMTC, NHPC and Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC).

He has been actively involved in various capacities with the Institute of Chartered Accountant (ICAI).

Presently, he is a governing council member of IASC Sector Skill Council set up by the Government of India and State Level Task Force of Committee on Banking, Insurance and Pension for Delhi NCR constituted by ICAI.

Madhur can be reached at: madhur@kleanwaste2energy.com.

Madhur Gupta

Member of Advisory Board